About the essence: thought for a young audience. Explorers of the world, captivating with their smiles and their tenderness. The cherry blossom has the ideal aroma to embody all this, which is why you will find it in the head notes. Sweet, light and fresh, it is the perfect fragrance for hot days.

Scented Cloud is a naturally occurring volcanic glass substance with a rhyolitic composition and a melting point of 1260ºC. It is ideal for filling pillows and decorative items. Its use, both hot and cold, makes it versatile. Its fragrance also gives it the characteristic properties of aroma.

HOT: Warm it in the microwave for about 2 minutes (750W). From relieving muscle pain to warming the bed, its uses are many.

COLD: Place in the freezer in a plastic bag for about 3 hours before use. It can be used to relieve migraines and headaches.

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Craft paper bag